About Me

My name is John-Paul, though most just call me JP.  I live on the Central Coast of NSW with my partner and have recently turned 30, and have a 3 and a half year old son. The New Lawyer, a textbook I am surprisingly enjoying, posed the question ‘Why Study Law?’. I currently work as an Insurance Claims advisor and Salesperson, however almost 3 years ago now I felt the need to explore some other career prospects.  I explored technical career options within the company I currently work for without much success, and upon researching a few different interests and discussing with friends and family I decided to look into joining the NSW Police Force as an Officer. After discussing with a few Officers of varying rank along with doing my own research I decided this would be my career of choice.

Due to applications initially being closed, and then a traffic offence, I was unable to begin the process as early as I would have desired.  The Case Manager involved with my application recommended I make good use of the time before I can re-apply and as such to improve my academic competitiveness it was recommended I choose a related field of study.  Completing only one semester would greatly improve my final eligibility pool ranking, and a whole degree even more so.  And so I decided I would study Law, foremost as it is a topic that greatly interests me, and secondly as completing the law degree would also give me the opportunity to seek employment as a Police Prosecutor.  As study goes on, I foresee it as quite possible Police Prosecutor may become a primary goal, rather than Police Officer.

And so here I am, studying Law with CQU.  I hope you enjoy my observations, comments and thoughts and participate in some constructive conversation.



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