All weblinks lead to Russia

or why not

∀x(x ∈ w) → x ∈ r
Because why not.

Some weeks ago, whilst working on the module regarding the History of Australian Law, I somehow ended up reading about the foundation and dissolution of the USSR.  I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but I hopped onto Wikipedia to read about double dissolution.  How did I end up reading about Russia you ask? Well I have a habit of following the blue-bricked Wikipedia path, and somehow instead of always ending up in Philosophy, as I’ve mentioned before, I end up with Russia, or at least somewhere in their circle of influence.

For those interested, the topics I found of interest that led me to them went like this: Double dissolution> Gough Whitlam> Malcolm Fraser> Bob Hawke> Ronald Reagan> Mikhail Gorbachev> dissolution of the Soviet Union> Soviet Union (or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  I clarify as I somehow had the wrong idea of what the letters USSR stood for).

I found looking into the various downfalls of faulty reasoning to be very enlightening.  Whilst I do consider myself a critical thinker, I did feel that I have fallen to the folly of faulty reasoning far more often than favorable (there’s extra points for creative alliteration, right?).  I would think Critically of my ability of Critical Thinking, but that might be a little too meta.  In all honesty though whilst I do certainly Critically think about the statements of others, I do feel that I need to Critically think about my own pre-conceptions more.  That would be my greatest task to work on here.

Oh and in case anyone missed it, important life lessons from ‘The New Lawyer’:

Note that, while it is a good idea to practise your ability to recognise these techniques in everyday conversations, it is probably not a good idea to become the kind of person who constantly points out the logical flaws in the claims and arguments being presented by your friends and family members.
You know who you are!
I find myself wondering whether the idea of Strict Formalism perhaps is an ideal currently advocated by those who would benefit the most, or those who wish to be a member of such class (we all know one – they have a habit of posting Facebook ‘selfies’ where they are shrouded in cigar smoke, sipping expensive whisky.  Whilst some may feel it to be a failure of Feminism that we may struggle to find an appropriate female ‘want-to-be’ comparison, or that I personally haven’t used one, I would argue that Strict Legalism and Feminist Legal Theory would be too much at odds for such a caricature to be considered ‘success’).
It’s not an original thought by a long shot, not even for Karl Marx, but he’s certainly the one who deserves the most credit for it.  And now we’re back to Russia.  This is how I keep ending up unintentionally researching Russia.  This time it’s the 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis.  The weblink path was much simpler here: Karl Marx> Das Kapital> Imperial Russia> Russian Federation> 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis.

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